Liveblogging Mother 3”? 

More like “The perfect excuse to bring this blog back from the dead.”

"But good sir," I ask, "Why do you not just use Star Bursts as well as Now&Laters?"

"Well good sir," I answer, "There are several reasons:"

  • Starbursts and Now&Laters are different sizes.  My inner art-person tells me that squares of varying sizes do not tessellate well (okay, maybe it was my inner math-person).
  • Starbursts come in packs of twelve, whereas Now&Laters come in packs of 18.  Moreover, this equates to 3 starbursts of a given color versus 6 Now&Laters.
  • The choice of medium in art is just as important as, not to mention inextricably bound to, the art itself.  Even for a lack of a compelling logistical concern (see point 1) or an economic concern (see point 2), there exists a compelling (albeit inexplicable) artistic reason I use Now&Laters.  Art aims to be obfuscate understanding, not to create false understanding: if I used Starbursts, I feel it would create a false understanding among my (admittedly diminutive) audience.
  • ugh like seriously FUCK starbursts

I'm asking you about your chews.

My chews are NOW&LATER LONG LASTING CHEWS! They come in many a lot of quite a few exactly three flavors: Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry.  At this moment, I have exactly 315 individually wrapped candies distributed evenly among the three flavors.  I have six solo cups, each filled with 50 of a single flavor.  The remaining 15 are in a bucket.

"But mysterious Now and Later man," I hear you cry.  "There are more than that many flavors of Now and Later."  Astute observation.  Unfortunately, those are the only three flavors available within an X mile radius of where I live, where X equals the distance beyond which I refuse to look for Now and Laters.